Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kate Turns 1 | Hendersonville TN Baby Photographer

It feels like yesterday that I got the call that Miss Kate was going home, and now I'm photographing her 1 year pics. Can you tell that she's having a giraffe party??? Let me just tell you, Kate is the happiest little thing ever, and her parents have warned me forever that she stops smiling as soon as she see's a camera. Well, of course, I just KNOW that I'll make her smile. And I do. And I pull out the camera. And she STOPS! I think this is our third session in a row, and I have to believe them now! I can't guarantee smiles, but I love what I do, and I sure do love photographing this little one. I bet you can tell my favorite one. Those eyes just make me melt. Happy Birthday sweet Kate! You are one very loved little girl, and it's been a pleasure to be your personal photographer this year!



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